horror needs victims

My review of Stephen King’s Just After Sunset, in the Guardian today.

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  1. Martin

    This sounds a lot like the old Peter Cushing film, “Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors” – a train ride for a group of characters bound for the afterlife, with tarot readings and Alan Freeman devoured by a giant plant along the way. Great fun, with one of Hammer’s more off-putting endings.

    It’s a neat challenge to re-structure that species of portmanteau “club story,” so as to connect all the characters into a single narrative, but still leave it lacking closure. Sadly, I don’t think King’s agent. publisher, or readership wouldn’t be interested in any such book – in Patti Smith’s great phrase, it would be “a sea of jelly.” Which is one more reason why King’s a multi-millionaire and Robert Aickman’ s out of print.