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Nova Swing: advance copies of Bantam Spectra’s US mass market edition arrived this morning.

LP on living in the moddun world

I’ve been wondering how concerned I ought to be that I am the only one among my friends who doesn’t know what a wii is – at least until last Sunday. Does this matter? They all laughed at me. Don’t you read the papers? Not really. Don’t you watch the telly? Hardly. And do I care?

Me neither, except to have a smirk when people do those vestigial twitchy motions with the paddle-things, also their excited yet vague expressions which don’t seem to match the bodily activity & indicate that the rewards are inward. The only thing I can engage with to the point of an emotional response is that ad where you see a woman with a radiant smile as if she is having a religio-sexual experience, then the camera moves round to show that the back of her head has been scooped away & replaced by a computer game. That upsets me. I’d rather be shot repeatedly in the face than have that look.

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2 responses to “nova nova

  1. Martin

    They did a great job with “Light.” I thought of that cover recently when I visited someone in sheltered accommodation. She got her zimmer through to the lounge, and sat gazing out across the lawn at a flock of crows wheeling about in the dusk. I switched on the lamp beside her. The staff had put a decoration on the table: two glazed china cats, one white and one black, chasing each other’s tail. It was hard to look on it as simply a chance object.

  2. It is not right. That ad. And it’s never clear to me that it’s “the one” until the camera moves to expose that empty space. How is it that I get caught by it again and again? What compels me to keep watching past the point of revulsion? Why do I forget? Is there some musical interval that suspends me? Comforting to know I’m not the only one disturbed.