dr miserabilis

To tell the truth I have felt a lot chirpier since this recession began. I don’t know how to explain it. I’ve got as much to lose as anyone. I expect my living to become more precarious. As the middle-aged establishment tighten their grip on the resources to which they feel especially entitled, I expect their systemic ageism to make it harder for older people like me. My safety net is, as ever, mysteriously absent. Nevertheless, when I took this interesting test, I discovered that I had, in fact, significantly less chance than average of becoming depressed in the next twelve months. You can’t beat that for irony. The arch miserablist turns out to be a closet cheery chappy. Just don’t ask for your money back. I’m doing my best. & I’ve been perfectly transparent here: I needn’t have told anyone this.

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4 responses to “dr miserabilis

  1. Josep

    As a last resort, and to prevent “refundings”, you could turn “The Course of the Heart” into a self-help manual :) After reading your post, I am confirmed in my suspicion that the cure might not be laughter therapy but Cioran…

  2. uzwi

    Hi Josep: I always thought of it as a self help manual anyway.

  3. Martin

    My results are surprisingly healthy.

    I think it’s just one of those times when no one feels inspired or high-kicking. You look out the window and remember Paz’s mournful, gnomic line: “Light is time thinking about itself.”

  4. Josep

    I supposed so. All great literature helps the self, that’s a fact. Reading “The Course”, “Signs of Life” and stories like “The East”, you get a life vaccination against bad fantasy (and bad writing). Thank you very much, Doctor.