long ashton trees

I like 2009 already.


I like a cold snap. It’s something to get your teeth into.

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12 responses to “long ashton trees

  1. Krishna

    That’s rather a hot photo opportunity.

    A better 2009 to you.

  2. Your optimism shames me.

  3. Martin

    Great mistletoe, isn’t it? Like visible thoughts up in the branches.

    Have a great 2009!

  4. Krishna

    Lara: Well, the last 2009 I had was a bag of shite, so I’m hoping this one is better, for Mike anyway.

  5. I thought they were bird nests or old thoughts…
    happy new year

  6. uzwi

    Thanx everyone. Lara: it isn’t often I’m the optimist, admit it.

  7. True, Mike, true. And I love that from Mia: old thoughts. Very nice indeed. As for Krishna: you made me roar with laughter! I wish I was a bit quicker… then I could say things like that! So you all win: Happy New Year.

  8. Krishna

    Lara: Thank you, I’m glad I did. And isn’t it nice to see someone type “roar with laughter” with all of it’s attendant fury rather than tapping out a few LOLs.

  9. Paul

    It’s witches’ broom, a fungal infection expressed in twig form.

    And it’s a lovely wintery English photograph; you can almost hear the rooks cawing.

  10. uzwi

    Thanks Paul. It was a proper, traditional Bristol winter morning with crushingly top-of-the-range mountain bikes, breeds of dogs you’ve never heard of, everything.

    Thanks for the information too. (That “expressed” is to die for.)

  11. Paul

    I can still feel those traditional Bristol winter mornings in the marrow of my bones. But it’s a fine old city just the same. Is the Mud Dock still the place to be, for those with top-of-the-range mountain bikes?

  12. uzwi

    It does seem to be, yes. I’m scared to have a cup of tea there now because you could bleed to death from the edginess of the clothing.