cat sick & Louis over

The cat threw up on Louis MacNeice. I moved on to Theodora Fitzgibbon (With Love, 1982), who though air-headed is nice. Louis will dry out eventually, but will I want to go back to him ? Looking forward to: The City & the City.

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2 responses to “cat sick & Louis over

  1. mckie

    How appropriate of the cat to puke on Louis. He once won a competition amongst the regulars at the Fitzroy Tavern to think of the most off-putting name for a pub with the entry “The Dog Returns”.

  2. uzwi

    Hi Andrew. I think the cat was puking less directly on Louis than metonymically on me–here’s two dinners on yr damn book, Mickey-boy. I was quite enjoying it, too, the book that is. But Theodora has her attractions, many of them actually on show.