When they talk about a cold day in hell they must mean April 3 2009, Barnes Common. Three cheery policepersons in stab vests watch everyone over the Beverley Brook bridge, just to make sure they’re all perfectly safe. Have a nice day, Barnes wives & spaniels, & mind how you go.


Someone send me back to Mexico. Willys jeep & wall, Oaxaca.

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11 responses to “alarma!

  1. Krishna

    Your photos at the moment are all about Willys and bollocks.

    Did you have fun with the Mexicans?

  2. uzwi

    Thanx for that, Zali. The question is, Did they have any fun with me ?

  3. Oaxaca is in my top-three list of Places To Settle Down And Become A Quiet Drunken Wreck.

    That list is featured in my List Of Lists I Really Have No Justification For Creating. Which is, in turn, a very long list.

    But yeah, Oaxaca. Wish I was there, hope you enjoyed it.

  4. Krishna

    I’m looking forward to growing up some time soon.

  5. uzwi

    Hi Paul. It’s high up on my same list now. I had a great time, thanx.

  6. uzwi

    Zali: what wld we do if you did ?

  7. Krishna

    Well, if it came to that I very much hope you’d all vote for me.

    Meanwhile in the United States of Middlesex: Trent Park will be closed this weekend to attempt to avoid a spontaneous Iranian cultural event from taking place. You have to be careful about what you allow these ethnic groups to do as they’re not quite as grown up as we are.

  8. Al

    Hmm, could be worse, they could be ethnic Welsh jazz musicians…

  9. I was actually doing a Google search for myself, vain as I am, and came across your blog. I enjoyed my stay. Thank you.

  10. Martin

    Ethnic irony, delayed growth hormones, near doppelgangers – welcome back, Mike!

    Did you bring us sombreros? Jumping beans? Ecstatic cactus derivatives? A lousy t-shirt? Anything?

  11. uzwi

    Hi John C: it happens to us all. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to the Ambiente Hotel–pop back some time!

    Hi Martin, you’re not getting any of my exotic cactus derivatives, mate, so forget it. (I do have some Oaxacan mescal, sourced from a “local producer” & poured into the bottle from an unlabelled four-gallon plastic can. I’m not using the word dubious because it tastes so good; besides which, these days dubiousness is just a good marketing ploy.)