“your Mari foaled of the starry skies”

I’m going to Wales now.


Back next Tuesday.

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3 responses to ““your Mari foaled of the starry skies”

  1. Just been directed here by our mutual friend Ian Miller.
    He thinks you might be interested in seeing our new online magazine – he has material appearing in the August issue.
    Norman Spinrad is in the current issue and Mike Butterworth contributed to Issue Two.
    Take care in wild and woolly Wales (I’m living in Pontardawe)

  2. A picture with a certain kind of appeal that is close kin to that of your writing: vibrantly beautiful and gut-ripplingly terrifying, and usually both at the same time. And somehow annealing, in that in those simultaneous acts of invocation, something else (but also the same) is forged that makes the confronting of the beauty and the terror manageable. Hopeable, even.

    Well, that’s what it does to me, anyway. No mean feat, I must say…

  3. Nate Weeks

    One set of my ancestors come from Wales long ago and we’ve invented the myth that they were magicians of the North who used powerful words to defend their lands from invading forces. Would love to visit to see if I could find their hidden cave dwellings.