strange bedfellows episode 6: n to p

Further scandals, intellectual, linguistic & sexual, from my stripped-down shelves. Not long to go now, then we can all forget what turned out to be, like the best efforts of sf writers from time immemorial, more notion than content: the idea that should have stayed an idea.

Eric Newby
Anais Nin
Cees Nooteboom
Sean O’Brien
Heinz R Pagels
Elaine Pagels
Chuck Pahlaniuk
Kenneth Patchen
Jim Perrin
Jean Piaget
Sylvia Plath
Daniel Pennac
VS Pritchett
Annie Proulx
Kate Pullinger
Thomas Pynchon

I pity poor Elaine Pagels, author of sincere Gnostic histories, especially given Rant. But I would like to hear how Annie Proulx scolded VS Pritchett that night under Wyoming stars

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6 responses to “strange bedfellows episode 6: n to p

  1. Martin M

    A winged woman, a bisexual pal of Kenneth Anger, gnostics, one mountaineer writing about another, visionary poets, and Byron the Bulb –

    “That should tell us something, maybe quite a bit, about the persons who live there … over to you, David.”

  2. Krishna

    I had to admit ignorance about the other Pagels, or at least admit to to Google. On the website we find an unfortunately worded obit:

    “…died on July 23, 1988, in a mountain climbing accident on Pyramid Peak in Aspen, Colorado. His death had an enormous impact on a wide and disparate range of individuals…”

  3. uzwi

    Very fine indeed, Z.

  4. Hello! Google alerts picked this up, as it does. Nice to be in touch again, even in this bizarrely sideways way. Looking forward to reading your blog.

    best – Kate (Pullinger)

  5. uzwi

    Hello Kate. Bizarre but moddun. How are things going? I see your name all over. I got your email from your site & I’ll drop you a line.

  6. Greg

    Cees Nooteboom groggily awakes amid empty whisky bottles, overflowing ash-trays and an unidentifiable stain on the floor of a hotel room in a city he’s never been in before as Anais Nin turns away from the open doorway, the familiar enigmatic smile unfolding as the footsteps of Eric Newby, proxy for Henry Miller, fade.