a time in spain


Underground parking structure, Urbanisation Sur, Valencia.


Architectural detail, Urbanisation Sur.


Objects, Urbanisation Sur.


Welcome to Vegas, Don Jilton 24 horas a su servicio.


Hulk, Pego


Other discarded objects, Pego.


Discarded Renault 4, Benirrama.

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6 responses to “a time in spain

  1. Martin M

    Junk, landfill, bingo arcades, the Bauhaus zone, and what could well be an immolated effigy of Nick Griffin – hey, la tourista!

    But enough about Cleethorpes – you had a good time?

  2. Mike A

    As a teenager I once spent the night in a Renault 4 that was only marginally more roadworthy than that one. It rained. Hard. The dashboard leaked. I woke early in a wet sleeping bag. My mate had paid £50 for that car – they must’ve seen him coming!

  3. Josep

    Alternative title: End of time in Spain. Your post-apocalyptic eye is merciless. I still remember your vision on Tenerife in “Gifco”…

  4. uzwi

    Thanks, Josep. What you look at is who you are.

  5. Josep

    We are much cleaner nowadays. In the seventies, some Spanish forests looked like Jumble Wood minus Green Women.

  6. Kaplan

    You do exaggerate, Josep. :)