reader, I wrote her

“What’s your book about, Carlos ?”

“It’s about the romance & holiness & mystery & paradoxical matter-of-factness of all books. & it’s about my struggles with this book, my book, the one you hold in your hand. & it’s about women, the romance & holiness & mystery & paradoxical matter-of-factness of women, & about my struggle with this woman, the woman you–”


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5 responses to “reader, I wrote her

  1. Josep

    If you want a rest from overtrumpeted Spanish hack writers, you should give a try to cultish Javier García Sánchez. I greatly enjoyed both Lady of the South Wind and The Others (no relation to the film). The former is the most feverish and obsessive romance I’ve ever read (bar Signs of Life), and the latter a wonderful, scary and innovative ghost story. Here’s the letter soup:

  2. mckie

    The Teachings of Don M. Juan, presumably, a mystical figure feared and shunned by the people of the London South West because of his unnatural powers, whose arcane knowledge led Carlos into a world of beauty and terror, ruled by concepts far beyond those of Western civilization.

  3. uzwi

    Hi Andrew. The Don has, in fact, seen it all, through the yellow windows of the evening train.
    Hi Josep. Thanx again: I’ll look those out. The Angel’s Game remained perfectly amiable & amenable right up to the end. & I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. But I can’t describe it as anything other than ambient, either. What puzzles me is that the international literary festival market underwrites so much of this stuff.

  4. Martin M

    Has Carlos got a girlfriend? Has Carlos ever had a girlfriend? Well, I wonder.

    IntLitFestMa (it’s only bleeding) – a definite mystery. Why don’t people sell us books about the real world, and the real things that are said there? Things like: “Michelle Obama’s gym-toned arms have been widely admired”; or “Has Obama Lost Weight?” Apart from Carlos’s phantom lady, I’ve thought of little else all day.

  5. I’m unused to smiling this early in the day. Stop it, stop it :)