perdidos e achados

Granite boulders, Sintra, Portugal.

Walking past a car, Sintra.

Specialist roofer, Quinta da Regaleira.

Detail of protection system using a fixed line & descenders.

Rooftop doll, Bica, Lisbon.

Lost & found, Lisbon Portela Airport.

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7 responses to “perdidos e achados

  1. mikefleetham

    Themes that connect these six images:
    Grey. Absence. Rise & Fall.
    (oh, and Portugal)
    Any more?

  2. Pictures 3 and 4: A family is sightseeing below. Child: “Mommy, there’s a man climbing on that building.” Mother: “That’s his job, he’s fixing the roof.” Child: “Not that one. That one!” Mother: “My god that doesn’t look safe, I hope he knows what he’s doing… wait, is that M John Harrison?” Father: “Not quite dear. That’s m john shoe.”

  3. That doll’s been partying. You’d have thought it would be legless rather than armless. Sorry. It was the half open eye of that basilisk granite rock that unnerved me into an act of poor humour.

  4. Josep

    Here’s the soundtrack.

  5. Josep

    Sorry about the embedding!

  6. uzwi

    For themes, I’d have a look at the one in the title first. Then maybe search the category of the same name, where it’s possible to find a post entitled “fantasy goods” featuring an interesting quote about Walter Benjamin’s “Lost Property Office”…

    Nice track, Josep.

  7. Josep

    Thanks. It’s pure saudade. I hope you enjoyed Portugal.