uncle zip regrets

I love to talk about writing in general. If that’s of any use to people, I’m glad. But I can’t give advice here, or privately, about individual pieces of work.

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5 responses to “uncle zip regrets

  1. MikeM

    What about an Uncle Zip Chopshop? Franchise-only, of course, where texts from budding meme manipulators could be submitted for customer tagging and annotation…

    Prompted by the acknowledgements section of Nova Swing (just finished), in which a certain contributor (I take it) to this blog was also an “eye across the manuscript”.

  2. Just a note to say your posts on writing and insights into your own process etc have been generous and useful and are always appreciated. Many thanks.

  3. Greg

    A daily deluge of derivative dreams’d drive ya dilly, I daresay, once the word got out … No doubt the Theory Cadre will know what to do with them. Is it true that some of the old hands worked in the Palace of Dreams, as documented in the so-called fiction by Ismail Kadare?

  4. uzwi

    Hi MikeM. I read that as “Uncle Zip Chipshop”, & thought, Now that is a good idea.

    Hi Mark: I’m glad to be of use in that way.

  5. uzwi

    @ Greg

    >>No doubt the Theory Cadre will know what to do with them.

    No doubt.