They cherrypick your backgrounds & return them to the industry standard you were determinedly working away from; gut your structures of any difficulty & re-present them as being unwittingly “correct” (how amazing that you were almost doing it properly); & wilfully fail to get the point of what you write so they can pretend that having a point isn’t the point of writing. Oh, they love you, they don’t want to upset you; but more importantly they don’t want to upset anyone else. So they take what they want & leave everything designed to make your stuff upsetting. Then they wonder why you won’t give them a quote for their novel. The pets. Your heart goes out to their turmoil.

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4 responses to “kidults

  1. Paul McAuley

    It’s only entertainment, innit?

  2. Lara

    Blimey. Inject me with adrenaline why don’t you!

  3. Dave

    There’s a guy at my climbing gym who wears a shirt that says “KIDULT” in huge letters across the front. He only ever boulders. He grunts and shouts a lot and hangs out with the guys who write for Urban Climber. They grunt and shout a lot too. And they love to take their shirts off and show off their tatoos.

    It’s a broken world, man.

  4. Name names and revel in free publicity! (Or stay classy.)