the rules

In response to the Guardian (not to say Elmore Leonard), Tim Howard has new advice for would-be writers. This Machine Kills Purists is a serial offender where the Grauniad book pages are concerned, having produced a sly piece earlier in the month.

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4 responses to “the rules

  1. Lara

    thanks for this link. hilarious. (and a bit spooky as i wade through a huge review… delete all uses of word ‘craft’ and ‘text’ and …. oh god …)

  2. Brendan Byrne

    This is a much better approach than the one I’ve been adopting which is to stare deathly into the eyes of whoever has cited ‘the rules’ and say, “The only rule is to do whatever the fuck you want.”

  3. uzwi

    Oh, I don’t know, Brendan, seems very satisfactory to me. I wrote a set of counter-rules which ended : “10. You’re responsible for yourself. Write or don’t write.” A similar point.

  4. uzwi

    Crooked Timber are now having fun with this, here–

    Love the Wodehouse quotes.