neil gaiman presents LIGHT as an audiobook

Light will be turned on at Neil Gaiman Presents next Tuesday, with an introduction by Neil & a sample of Julian Elfer’s reading. I’ll put up a link to the page as soon as it’s available. It’s exciting to be published in this format on the launch day of the project. Good luck to Neil, Audiobook & everyone else involved. Elsewhere: Nina Power visits occupylsx; and we hear that “Michael Pugh & Rebecca Griffin changed their names by deed poll to become Mr & Mrs Puffin when they married last year“.

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3 responses to “neil gaiman presents LIGHT as an audiobook

  1. Brendan

    This is quite cool, but I’d much prefer to hear ‘Light’ read reverse-translated from the Farsi by a barely postpubescent Vietnamese-American Tom Waits impersonator.

  2. uzwi

    I’ll have a word with Neil about that, Brendan. I’m not sure who owns the reverse-translation from Farsi rights.

  3. Brendan

    Cool, I’ll call up Shirley.