angels in the made world

Tanya Gold, the Guardian today.

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3 responses to “angels in the made world

  1. Evan

    I was showered with backlash, as if trying to peddle his legacy. And here again. But do the atrocities he was complicit in cancel his contribution to the way we think about design? (Talking about atrocities is like trying to steal a diamond from a laser-guarded room.) And will we be thankful of a from-user-to-technololgy approach when we become technology? Perhaps the scale of grief was absurd, and the intensity — “people respond similarly to images of the Apple logo and images of the Pope” — but don’t forget, those who respond that way to the Apple logo are also responding that way to the Pope! Beware deification, not praise.

    Burn just one iPad candle and get on with it. And don’t worry, Tanya, we know computers can’t feel. Siri tells us so.

  2. uzwi

    Little chance of me becoming technology, Evan.

  3. Evan

    Little chance of me getting social security, uzwi.