The light roared in on him unconfined: he felt it on his skin, he heard it as a sound. It was light unburdened, light like a substance: real light.

He had no idea where he was. He felt the most extraordinary sense of surprise and wonder and delight. He laughed. “Where am I ?” he said. “Am I dead ?”

Light on audiobook, at Neil Gaiman Presents.

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3 responses to “LIGHT

  1. Ah excellent. Are ebook editions likely to appear when Empty Space is released?

  2. Cool – is the opera next?

    Score by Waits, Kiri Te Kanawa as the Shrander – you have to admit it’s got potential.

    Anyway, misspelt or not, someone’s on the case:

  3. uzwi

    Martin: you can write the libretto.
    Hi Will: all that’s ebook–The Centauri Device. But plans are afoot to do better.