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This character wakes up with a sense of happiness, all that remains of a dream the content of which she has already forgotten. The dream repeats itself. Soon it’s a nightly event. The dreamer’s delight on waking is increasingly intense. But every so often, even as that intensification occurs, she wakes up a little sad or depressed. The narration speculates: “Some kind of life, or story, was being lived out in the dreams.” Increasingly, the dreamer wonders what that story might be. Because she can’t remember, she begins to invent it. Simultaneously, the dream reaches a pivot & tips over: moments of happiness decrease (though their intensity increases) & are replaced by depressions which become the norm. One day the dream ends. A morning of misery; a morning of joy: then nothing, ever again. The dream life has worked itself out without the dreamer–or the reader–ever knowing what it was.

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5 responses to “characters (2)

  1. uzwi

    Write this story in the style of (a) Miranda July (b) Carson McCullers (c) HP Lovecraft.

  2. that’s really good

    it goes in quite a few directions

  3. uzwi

    Lots of different ways of exploiting it. But the pure quill version, in which you would see only the emotions she felt on waking–no speculation about what caused them, no connection to an ongoing situation in her life, no parallels–seemed too hard to do, so I never made anything of it.

  4. Carson McCullers would be fun — the gothic misfit wakes and finds the gothic lacking!

  5. Hmmm, I think the challenge would be to communicate the continuity of the dreams without revealing their content. If she never remembers the content, how does she know it’s a recurring dream, or that the dreams are all part of a continuous narrative? Interesting idea though…