the dead speak

Load of dead people in the comments here, making their interminable dead-people complaint. Think of the children. Not out of my taxes. My life, bloated as it is with a soul-frying ordinariness, is more demanding than that. Can’t he find something better to do. I’m just glad to be in the warm & nice. Hasn’t he thought of the children. Etc. Etc. Etc. Messages of denial from the pooling global Switzerland of the mind.

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5 responses to “the dead speak

  1. Brendan

    There’s a patina of hopelessness. That said, my mind shuts down whenever Philippe Petit is even brought into the ether, as his WTC walk has been fetishized beyond the point of gum-bleeding sanity in New York. There’s art for you, after all. You do something which pisses most people off and amazes the rest. Then, after everything’s torn down and the screaming stops, you’ve been made into just another obnoxious curio and there’s not a goddamn thing you can do about it if you even want to.

  2. uzwi

    Better that than spend your life in Switzerland keeping safe from stuff that doesn’t even threaten you. This is just bourgeois crap & a desperate striking out against the bars of a self-made cage. I don’t really care what the media makes of Petit, or anyone else who does stuff. That’s a wholly second or third stage process which has nothing to do with walking out along the wire, & I want nothing to do with it. It’s just another way to absorb & make safe a thing that was done. All that fucking counts is the thing that’s done, while it’s being done, not the contemporary farmed divide between the thing that is done and the flaccid wall of discourse that promptly surrounds and defuses it. Absorb, discuss, soften, denature: no wonder we’re stuffed & self-kettled. We’re the fat people in Wall-E. We have literally forgotten how it feels to act.

  3. Hakan Ozel

    “self-kettled”, “Messages of denial from the pooling global Switzerland of the mind.”- wonderful phrases. I’m a regular Guardian CiF reader and there was without doubt a noticeable change in tone in the comments after the Times paywall went up. Comments now seem to be divided between reactionary fare from the migrated Times readers and the usual Guardianista attempts to outdo one another in world-weary ennui, scorn and ironic detachment.

  4. Brendan

    You’re right, Mike. All I can say in my defense is that in New York anything having to do with the World Trade Center has been so totally subsumed that I find it extremely difficult to get to *the things that’s done*, even in elements of my own life. But that’s, perhaps, just an exaggeration of that “self-made cage” you’re talking about.

  5. People in the comments do hate it when you do things.

    Really really.