notebook entry 2012

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4 responses to “notebook entry 2012

  1. Simon

    Got your rose tinted spectacles on again I see. You hopeless romantic you :)

  2. uzwi

    It’s the cross I have to bear.

  3. So what’s on your iPod?

  4. uzwi

    Too much. Abigail Washburn to the B52s. Bill Haley & the Comets. Erik Turnbull & the Everly Bros. Bowie. Dylan. Four Tet. Zappa. Martin Carthy. Gerry Mulligan. Seventeen different versions of “Blues Run the Game”. Jeff Beck. Jez Low. Justice–I really like Justice. M Ward. Mercedes Sosa. Not enough swing music. Not enough tango. Too much Tom Waits. XTC. New Young Pony Club. No bloody Nick Drake.