the traffic of the spectacular

Narrative structure, AE Fennel has always believed, is the trunk route of the spectacle. Free flow of the spectacular is as neccessary to a well-built secondary world as it is to a well-run modern state. Therefore, in every “story” our ambition should be the calculated failure of service, the single perfect interruption of traffic. “Failing that,” AE advises the Wednesday evening workshop in the refectory of the Ambiente Hotel’s Cultural Wing & Conference Centre, “do at least try to dig a pothole in the road.”

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3 responses to “the traffic of the spectacular

  1. martm

    The black hole in the text. The “Titanic” sails at dawn – again. Syrian troops fire across the border. The calendar’s running out. Another riot. You only hear approved voices. Everything’s a prompt, a provocation for hungry children to stop swallowing themselves and cough up the future.

    Fennel said much more, but the cat ate my notes.

  2. Chip’s version of this: the character’s source of income and how they moved in the economic structure should be written into the story