spring cannibalism

I heard an equivalence in tone between the words “the Leveson Inquiry” & Mark Danielewski’s phrase “the Navidson Record”. Instantly, Leveson fell whole into Danielewski’s arid self-flattering maze of layered & ultimately unproductive discourses; while in return the presiding void of House of Leaves gained for a second an authentic horror it hadn’t earned. Then the pair of them rustled, shifted & vanished into one another, cannibalising mutually as they went. Discourse space was empty again & I felt free.

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8 responses to “spring cannibalism

  1. Andy McDuffie

    Interesting. Not sure if I’ve read your opinions of “House of leaves” before but “self flattering…” and “….unproductive” pretty much sum it up for me.

    I dislike hearing that somebody feels cheated after reading a novel, Its just a response I’m generally a bit wary of. I came bloody close with that one, though.

  2. uzwi

    Hi Andy. I’ve read it a few times. He clearly knew what he was doing. But it makes a great mutual deconstruction with the Murdochian emptiness at the heart of Leveson.

  3. Like your categories for this post. Is it emptiness or some kind of seething gas-type thing?

  4. What did the two of them make of Newt Gingrich? – no stranger to self-flattering mazes, nor to empty paradoxes either. Did they fail to digest him (a man unlikely to be inconvenienced either by lengthy pseudo-parliamentary inquiries, nor stairs that lead up when they should lead down), so that the whole mess was vomited back into the pleroma?

  5. uzwi

    Nasty thought, Henry.

  6. Brendan

    Read ‘House of Leaves’ in my teen years, was utterly blown away that someone could *do* that. Kept reading and found the origins of all the constructs and the memory has decayed to… not much really. I don’t feel cheated by it, just bored. (You put it better above, I think.) Have felt that way with a plethora of authors, that they don’t stand up to their history.

  7. Germ Nerd Gospel

    Was there ever a period of time that wasn’t “a shit period of the world.” I can’t think of any. Can you?

  8. uzwi

    Good argument. But I’m not going to stop saying it.