a tree falls in a forest

The commentariat limits the new to the new it already knows: the only new it will acknowledge is the new predicted & confirmed by its own discourse.

The new it doesn’t know has been staring any given commentariat in the face for a decade, but the commentariat pays no attention. The new the commentariat doesn’t know pays the commentariat no attention in return, but gets on with being what it is.

That’s where science fiction, with its knack for predicting the present, can sometimes help. The best science fiction seems to drag the present into some sort of consciousness of itself. It seems to be ahead of the times because the times are always behind themselves.

But science fiction must never accept the temptation to become a commentariat in itself, or by definition it will start to fail to recognise any new but the new that its internal discourse predicts & confirms.

Oh, wait…

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5 responses to “a tree falls in a forest

  1. Simon

    Oh bugger, I think you’ve nailed it.

  2. Some say that self-awareness is the kernel of creation. Can it also be the beginning of self-destruction? Maybe that’s the real beauty of innocence.

  3. retro diction in action! thank you

  4. uzwi

    Hi siobhan! Pleasure all mine.

  5. Lee

    I like what Freeman Dyson has to say about predictions: they’re not supposed to be right; they’re supposed to stimulate the imagination.