empty space, the contents

1: Organs 2: Hard Goods 3: Swimming with Eels 4: Givenchy 5: Archive Style 6: Skull Radio 7: England Calling 8: Rocket Jockeys 9: Emotional Signals Are Encoded in Tears 10: Down to the River 11: Empty Space 12: I am not Renoko! 13: Eaten by Dogs 14: Enantiodromic Zones 15: Random Acts of Downward Causation 16: Carshalton Shangri-La 17: Correlation States 18: It Takes Place in a Vacuum 19: Anyone Can Make a Mistake 20: Modern Luminescence 21: Everyone’s a VIP to Someone 22: The See-Not Gate 23: Heart Sounds & Bruits 24: Spike Train 25: Lowboy Orbits 26: Lizard People from Deep Time 27: The Medium Is Not the Message 28: Lay Down Yr Weary Tune

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11 responses to “empty space, the contents

  1. Mike Mooney

    Bought it on Saturday. Just need to finish the last few pages of Viriconium, and I’m on it!

  2. uzwi

    Bloody hell, that was quick. Enjoy!

  3. Mike Mooney

    What – quick buying ES, or quick reading Vrik? :-)

  4. martm

    Waterstones Online calls up Peter Brook’s acting memoir with the same title, detailing everything “from Brecht’s revolutionary alienation technique to the free form Happenings of the 1960s, and … a joyous impromptu performance in the burnt-out shell of the Hamburg Opera just after the war.”

    Fits the chapter headings like a glove. The Shrander’s nudging things along nicely.

  5. Can you give word counts and recommended reading times by chapter please? Thanks.

  6. Ref Iotar – suggested reading days would also be useful, for example is Spike Train okay on a Thursday?
    Seriously, can’t wait!

  7. Chris

    I ordered a copy from Amazon UK. Don’t know how long it’ll take to get to America Inc.

  8. 77

    I first read “The Course of the Heart” back in 2005 when I was 17. I sometimes think now that it both was and wasn’t the perfect time to read the book. I thought it was something of unspeakable beauty and terror and I was left profoundly moved in ways I didn’t quite understand. I’ve read it twice since, each time with a little more difficulty, like carefully revisiting a troubling childhood episode. But I couldn’t seem to help myself.

    Naturally, after that first encounter, I went and read everything else you’d ever written (except “The Committed Men” which has thus far eluded me) and I loved it all. So, I just wanted to say that I’m really looking forward to “Empty Space”. It feels unreal that it’s only two days away. Congratulations on the new novel and thanks for everything.

  9. uzwi

    No, 77: thank you. I couldn’t hope for a more satisfying response to The Course of the Heart, or one that made me feel more like a writer. I hope you enjoy Empty Space.

  10. Mike Mooney

    Six chapters in now, and it’s wonderful. Slightly strange to read it with my recent read of Viriconium still spinning around in my head. I’ve found myself referring back to Light and Nova Swing a couple of times.

  11. Just wanted to tell you about my perfect morning. Woke up and read your interview in the Guardian. Then the local bookshop texted me to say your book was in. Had a hot chocolate and read the first chapter. And the sun is out in Manchester. Wonderful.