black flags

My head seems to have gone to the beach. I think it’s going to stay there until the UK left emerges from its doomed attempt to absorb the Olympic spectacle & enjoy a share of the theatre of nationalist sport. It’s one thing to cheer for Bradley Wiggins, it’s another to fall for watered neoliberal Riefenstahlism. Sandbagged by emotions they’re not used to managing, they’ve allowed the political arena to be dragged to the right again. As a result they won’t be winning their heat. The sheer quantity of defeat that’s been handed out here to an inexperienced team can best be described by this analogy: Jeremy Clarkson commissions Danny Boyle to do his opening credits & the UK left scrambles to construct a positive position re Top Gear. Nil points for accepting that gambit.

PS: it’s the twelfth of August & the right will be out supporting the sport it really loves. I’m not wearing any of it, so here’s a picture of some black flags & plastic bins.

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10 responses to “black flags

  1. I know what you mean Mike. I was there last week where I was informed the Olympic Park was proud to only serve Visa, MacDonald’s and Coca Cola….

  2. Daniel del Valle

    What is really disgusting is the appropriation of the images of Olympic athletes by Visa, MacDonald’s, Coca Cola, and other corporations, together with the national flag, to sell “patriotically” their products.

  3. thezaksmiththatpaints

    It’s been a lot of fun trying to reconstruct what’s going on in the Olympics via people in the UK arguing about it and random snatches of sports I don’t know anything about on televisions in bars.

    I still haven’t seen any of the footage of the opening ceremony, but I’m trying to hold off as long as I can. So far MJH is defining the extreme left edge of my mental picture of it. On the extreme right are people just going “Wow!”

    So far my impression is it’s for people who liked Slumdog Millionaire, which implies it’s for people who like musicals, which implies it’s the 1930s again.

  4. whiteonesugar

    I love sport.

    An athelete doing well does not reflect on the nation that they choose to represent. Vicarious glory… The Daily Mail reader basks in the fizzy fatladen corporate bollocks and watches a television spectacle.

    MJH is not really to the far left on this.

    Don’ t forget the value of Baudrillard at times like this, after all the olympics never happened.

  5. thezaksmiththatpaints

    He’s on the far left of the subgroup: UK People On My Twitter Feed Even Bothering To Watch The Olympics And Twitter About It.

  6. whiteonesugar

    Out of interest… Who is the right wing equivalent on your twitter feed?

  7. martm

    Certainly a triumph of the Will and Kate.

    Love how you got the ship in the picture, too. Not many could manage that.

  8. uzwi

    In the service of fact & a reliable internet it’s incumbent on me as owner of this blog to admit that I misled everyone yesterday. It being a Sunday, & the nobs being nothing if not tied to Gormenghastian ritual, the Glorious Twelfth was in fact delayed until today, the Ordinary Thirteenth. I’m not apologising or resigning.

  9. thezaksmiththatpaints

    The rightmost Brits on my twitter are garden-variety liberal comic book guys.

  10. There was a native people somewhere in Central America. Maybe the ones Artaud got off his head with. Had a ceremony every now and then whereby they ran through the arid land in the night, carrying sticks. They whopped pebbles as they ran. Some anthropologis timed them, and saw they were doing the equivalent of 2 marathons, and doing them in Olympic qualifying times. So he explains to them that they could enter the Olympics. “What would we have to do?” “Well, you don’t have to run at night, and it’s only half the distance, and you don’t bother with the sticks…” “So why would we bother with that?”