bad pony

With the ebook release of Light & Nova Swing this week, you can buy the whole of the Empty Space trilogy in Sam Green covers. Autumn’s setting in, so it’s just the time to cheer yourself up by reading a quantum-goth meditation on death disguised as space opera. You can decide afterwards, with the rain pissing down outside your house & politics settling a little further into the uncanny valley every afternoon, to what degree the author was mad or knew just what he was doing when he wrote the final two or three lines. He’s on to the next thing, anyway, which appears to be an insincere alien invasion set along an easily recognisable river in an easily recognisable town in an easily recognisable now. Although of course that might change.

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8 responses to “bad pony

  1. Daniel del Valle

    Beautiful cover. Hard to find here in U.S. territory. I had to order direct from the UK through Abe books to get EMPTY SPACE, but I have the trilogy and plan to read it again. Can’t wait for your next book.

  2. Insincere aliens – only detectable by their habit of referring to the rest of us as plebs, no doubt.

  3. The Circus of Pathet Lao was a nice touch. I really need to keep updated on historical references. It really hit home yesterday when my step-daughter wrote “HOPE” on her inner wrist above three lines of descending size so it described a triangle. I asked her what it meant. Keep in mind she was born in 2002.

    “It’s for 9/11.”
    “What happened on 9/11?”
    “Planes hit the twin towers.”
    “Do you know who did it?”
    “It was the natsis. They hit the twin towers.”
    “The nazis? Why do you think they did it?”
    “It was world war two. The natsis were mad at America.”

    As you can see from the conversation, the topic isn’t exactly covered in depth in America’s schools. A lot of historically and culturally significant events have been watered down into an easy to remember term or phrase. A lot of information loss occurs, especially when it’s being passed along people without the know.

    Well, you can be mad and know what you’re doing.

  4. uzwi

    martm: I think it’s the invasion that’s insincere, not the aliens.
    zxvasdf, that dialogue is perfect. It points in every possible direction at once.
    daniel del valle: enjoy.

  5. I re-read the first two before Empty Space, as you do. Does this qualify me for a free Sam Green cover? Which are superb, as are the books.

  6. Simon

    And ‘insincere alien invasion’ is meant to stop me badgering you to read it NOW, how exactly? :-)

  7. uzwi

    It’s a small tangled mess at the moment–even I have trouble seeing its good points. Or indeed any points. But it’s going to be grim. I can say that with some certainty.

  8. Simon

    I shall continue to wait with all the appearance of editorial sang frond (as autocorrect insists I want to say).