what hg wells never told you

The Eloi look vulnerable & waiflike but they are classic iron butterflies. After defeating the Morlocks via a programme of clever legislation, they begin to farm a species evolved from their own genes by neotony & epigenetic manipulation: the Teletubbies. All the Teletubbies want is a dependable world narrative. The Eloi get their energy by renewing it. They no longer need food the way we know it. They can go all day on a two-word alteration to the narrative & the consequent shine in eyes of their enslaved children. There’s a bomb in the corner of the room. There’s a paedophile in the very corridors where the story is cooked up. Delicious.

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5 responses to “what hg wells never told you

  1. iotar

    In A Gadda Da Vida, baby.

  2. Wouldn’t put it in your application to be the new Director General at the BBC, though. Personally, I think we need more shows about croquet and re-runs of “Z Cars”, but it’s up to you.

  3. Gazz

    Hello, not smart enough to figure out how to contact you otherwise, but your three wheel car (twitter request) seems to be a Velorex from Czechoslovakia as was. Have a look at Jalopnik.com for a video of a souped up version, also wikipedia is informative. Surprisingly modern. Look forward to rereading light and moving on to the next two. Cheers!

  4. uzwi

    Hi Gazz. Many thanx for that. Impressive video! Hope you enjoy your time in the Kefahuchi Tract. (If I’d known about the Velorex, I’d have included one…)

  5. MichaelO

    I was baffled by the car, thought it might have been an insanely modified military sidehack, or even a thoroughly gone-through ’50’s Uttoro.