making some space

“Harrison is best known as one of the restless fathers of late-modern sci-fi, but genre questions are a distraction in the face of writing of such consistent brilliance and originality.” Robert Macfarlane selects Empty Space as one of his books of the year.

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6 responses to “making some space

  1. He got it right. And good to see Mr Harrison of this parish in the same paragraph as Paddy Leigh Fermor, albeit in different roles.

  2. iotar

    Nicely done. “Restless fathers” makes you sound a little like a desert hermit, but that’s pretty much Barnes in the dry season.

  3. uzwi

    For my memoir of Barnes in the wet season, see Amazon. “Outdoes Gavin Maxwell’s A Reed Shaken by the Wind” –Huffington Post.

  4. matthew brandi

    Susan Hill’s “she would have been 86 but the Marilyns of this world weren’t made to grow old” was heartless but unsurprising.

    Scruton wrote with disapproval of “utter indifference to other people’s suffering”. Really, Roger, really?

    I thought the list of contributors was going to produce a literary La Ronde. It didn’t, but it still seemed to be a shallow pool they were wanking in.

    What’s the point of rounding up the usual suspects, if you don’t then shoot them?

  5. uzwi

    All this positive attention makes me anxious, so– while I’m waiting for the one-star Amazon reviews to pour in & normalise the situation–it’s quite comforting to be assessed as contributing to a pool of wank.

  6. matthew brandi

    The reviewers, Mr. Harrison, the reviewers.

    Any suggestion that I’m trying to withhold even the cold comfort I’ve been assessed as offering is entirely … um, err … well, you don’t know me very well, so let’s say ‘unfounded’.