here’s what to expect in 2013

Is this the best physics scene ever?
Escaped neurophilosopher caught after hunt
Paradise Lost tops language abuse list
“Astonishingly, I could tell Harris + Hoole was a chain not an indy”
Safe Effective Clean
Fiscal cliff only E8 claims IMF
Are gadgets paedophilic?
East Midlands’ favourite Swiss “killed”
Another wave of American food
What if world leaders were survivors of the Vendian extinction?
Advanced Savvy Different
The young cannot cope with Hilary Clinton
Town bans twitter distribution of water
New year sees means testing of faceless heroes
What really causes Sheffield?

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6 responses to “here’s what to expect in 2013

  1. What really causes Sheffield?

    As a staunch solipsist, I can answer that one: me, opening my eyes every morning.

    (Hey, just because you believe the world is a fabrication of your own mind doesn’t mean you have to fabricate a world without flaws… ;) )

  2. klhoughton

    And here I was going to say that if you could just solve that last one, it would be a great year.

    Guess it will be a great year. (Twitter distribution of water???)

  3. Matt ridley

    More of the same then? Media led inane bollocks, l guess everyones got a crust to earn…

  4. Fiscal cliff only E8 claims IMF

    I predict that it’ll be regraded in 2014 after endless boring arguments.

  5. martm

    I read that as “testing faceless horses” – but then, I probably would.

  6. Daniel del Valle

    Easter Island statues decoded: World will end in slow motion