i’ve left you my kettle & some money

Ten years ago I looked up and saw a layer of fluid ice, the exact blue of the chemicals in a cold pack, trapped between two layers of air. It was still there an hour later. It was still there the next day, like a temperature inversion hanging above the lawn. I took a chair out and climbed up on it and put my hand in. There was no resistance. Nothing leaked out. I could see my hand in there. Once I got inside I could breathe, though there was some discomfort to begin with. I’ve been hauling my stuff up there ever since, stashing it item by item until I was ready to leave. I’ll have to crawl, because it’s pretty low, and I’m not sure what I’d find if my head broke out of the top. I know I can keep warm. I’ve got enough food for a month. After that I plan to live on my wits, always moving east, pushing the office furniture in front of me. None of the others know. Don’t tell them after I’ve gone.

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3 responses to “i’ve left you my kettle & some money

  1. martm

    Mallory and Irvine could well be in there before you – mind you don’t push the desk straight into them.

    And try and send a postcard: we’ll miss you.

  2. OK–this is one of your more perfect renditions of logical absurdism…we salute your voyage

  3. whiteonesugar

    We are processing your application. Please do not close this box.