happy birthday…

…to the National Parks.

How much longer will we be able to rely on them as public breathing space?

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2 responses to “happy birthday…

  1. Until a company like SERCO gets the contract to maintain them, to be funded by admission charges. . . with the most beautiful charged as a premium attraction. Climbers and hill walkers will, of course, need to take out special insurance to cover the costs of a mountain rescue. Some particularly beautiful parks will only be accessed by individuals or corporations who’ve purchased ten-year debentures. After all, the very rich deserve their privacy as reward for creating wealth for the rest of us.

    Excuse the cynicism. It’s been a difficult day, trying to avoid the Funeral Of The Year.

  2. whiteonesugar

    Don’t worry. Gove has announced plans to outlaw holidays, fun, or any non-fiscally-productive endeavour.

    You peasants won’t get the time off to visit the National Parks, or as they will be shortly re-named, Luxury Golf and Spa Destinations.