sixty eight

Hollyhocks, poppies, chamomile. All sorts of desperate lilies and iris. Those complex drooping rose and purple flowers that symbolised passion on the cover of an HE Bates novel in 1974, whose name I can never remember. A light you can’t tell from heat, contained somehow by the humidity, trapped in the air, gold even under cloud. The dogs bark next door. They bark up and down the street. Heat in the bricks, heat in every movement. You sit on the cellar steps. You wonder if the world will end, or just take some simple, beautiful, really amazing direction. You’re forced to admit it’s always been doing both, and that any minute now you’ll get up and go to the post office.

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4 responses to “sixty eight

  1. Chris Lites

    Happy birthday, sir.

  2. Simon

    Many happy returns Mike. A phrase always fraught with danger in this business…

  3. DH

    Birthday, yes. Happy…

    We live in hope I suppose.

  4. uzwi

    Cheers, guys. I went for a walk & now I’m going to have bourbon.