a fictional transition

Old Adult fiction: engaging issues of concern to the senior citizen. Like younger people, older people often express a desire to have “something of their own”, with a label on it that says it was written by a kind, balanced, thoughtful forty year old professional with them in mind. They want to find their way. They want confirmation that they’re special, but not alone. At its best, OA fiction can give them a sense of shared problems and identity, while at the same time gently encouraging them to develop their individual terminal personality by discussing all the relevant issues in a safe cultural space. It is a fiction of transition.

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4 responses to “a fictional transition

  1. martm

    Just a personal aisle in the Supermarket of the Fallen World: useless and expensive objects, designed with YOU in mind! At this point, habit becomes a coffin. Or as Burroughs put it: “How long can one hang on in Gibralter … clinging to their Rock like the apes, clinging always to less and less.” Time to move on.