they keep pace

Woods at the beginning of winter. Cold air. The residue of sunset visible between trees. Lights on in the power station, early night in the medieval quarries. Time in arcs like that, invisible layers of time along the side of the hill, time lacing the branches together, in among the leafmould like a hard frost. Three grey lurchers! Running down the muddy hill! Holly. Your own breath. The sense that you still function. The sense of an ending and of someone keeping pace with you not far off.

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8 responses to “they keep pace

  1. John Timberlake

    Perfect. Regret I couldn’t make your Horse Hospital reading.

  2. MichaelO

    Kind ladies, sober gentlemen please not to extend prolapsed sphincters of moist, particulate auto-praise every time the Auteur drops an observational deuce. Its unbecoming and it smells.

    Rereading his poor orphaned Centauri Device and wondering at the exact cause for amputation, its thick but its a fun canopic jar of its time.

    “loose-limbed Denebian queen”! Like a lost panel from a old cum and hash scented page of Metal Hurlant.

  3. John Timberlake

    Ok – thanks for laying down the rules.

  4. martm

    Mind you, “Centauri Device” was an amazing book: I’m still in awe at the way the page numbers evolve so smoothly, almost in a logical sequence. We will not see its like, etc.

    Are you going for scratch’n’sniff with the next product, uncle? Our other prolapsed sphincters could do with with some untoward fingering. Essence of tegeus-Cromis. Yaxley with a hint of vieux gamboge. Synthaesthesia and a bit of arsing about – you know the sort of thing.

  5. MichaelO

    If its time to pull out the laudanum and a saw, how about some elective surgery on that Sammy Maudlin end to Empty Space……not since Moorcock took the pinking shears to Gloriana have I had to pop so many dronabinol.

  6. martm

    “After Anna became a quantum event her daughter walked away in the pale afternoon.” Hardly your run of the Mills&Boon finale, but there’s no pleasing some folk.

    Dronabinol can give you out-of-body experiences, too – any luck?

  7. MichaelO

    A thoroughly disassociative state with isolated expressive twitches, fish-vision and projectile vomiting. To be fair to whatever Ciba-Geigy antifungal it was evolved from I was mixing with Tramadol, Canadian cough-syrup and Beddoes’ Death’s Jest Book: for the poorest, brokest bitch cosmonauts only.

    Also, that’s not the ending I remember, which opens more doors than it shuts.

  8. martm

    Happens to us all, I’m afraid. Dark matter ingredients, or too much Derek Tangye with the cocoa – I’m still trying to work out what’s what.

    Your ending’s obviously wave when it should be particle. I’d get your money back. Someone should do something. Good job the Romanians are arriving en masse to sort this nonsense out. Where would we be without them?