a busy life

It’s advert time. She’s being pulled along by a big friendly dog. She’s seeing friends, they’re stealing her snacks! She’s trying on clothes and advertising a breakfast cereal. The camera’s going with her everywhere. Now she’s shaving dead skin off her heels where her weight forces them daily into the backs of her shoes, with a thing that looks like an electric razor. Quick as you like, the camera cuts to garlic being squeezed through a garlic press. She’s looking at houses, she’s getting lunch, she’s eating a sandwich her way. She’s getting Gaviscon for her lifestyle-induced acid reflux. Her constant constipation is like a bag full of uneaten food, her house smells but she can fix that with a smile. Soon she’s flirting with the dentist, flirting while she takes something for a cough, flirting as the camera follows her into the toilet. She knows so much more than her mother!

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4 responses to “a busy life

  1. anzanhoshin

    Hm. It’s interesting but I feel I’m missing information, that you are referencing adverts or phrases or slogans that I do not know.

  2. Patsy

    Haha, that was pretty funny. Noticed the new trend in ads for showing life going by? people growing old watching their kids grow up while a syrupy song plays? It’s usually for banks but seems to have spread to computers and other things. I guess they’re supposed to be about living a rich full life or something but all they make you think of is death. God they’re depressing. 30 year olds in old people make up, their whole life flashing by in 30 seconds

  3. martm

    This is no time for satire, Mike – we’ve got to save the middle class.

  4. uzwi

    Hi martm. If I had a comment of the week sticker, it would go to that.