vague heart: a science fiction novel of the near future

Project Trap: Project Trap was never completed. Project Soul Gem was a project to collect “evidence-free innuendo”. Soul Gem was wound down in 1945 upon the birth of the resource (see notes). Several similar projects wound down naturally with the resource itself. Eat Cake, a hardened version of Soul Gem 2: the Eat Cake abstract promised abjection, violence, denial. Eat Cake was unlisted. Various other projects: Project 121 (see appended material). Mex Lite, Max Eight & Lite Core were clean product generated during varied initiatives and test runs. “Initiative B” ran successfully until 1978, when it was replaced under the Dark Stork programme. Project Veil Grain was an unsuccessful add-on to the Main Stem series. Vague Heart: Project Vague Heart remains partially operational but is identified under recent initiatives as “2014″. Resource appears to have retained motility & limited function.

Project 92 is the shadow of something much larger. 

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5 responses to “vague heart: a science fiction novel of the near future

  1. Sounds like the Beige Ops are involved.

  2. uzwi

    Rumour says Beige Ops was itself a cancelled sub-project of the Veil Grain series. Will we ever know? [shrugs]

  3. The NSA knows… and The Shadow.

  4. Kaia Vintr

    I knew someone who had a commemorative doorknob cosy from Dark Stork. He was predictably vague when I asked about it.

  5. Greg Penfold

    Shun the Stark Dork.