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(1) R.I. Gaines, a photograph taken in Oaxaca within the last ten years.


A team led by Lisi Fearnall established that the painted image displays “gains & losses of clarity” on a twelve day cycle. (“Though it is always sharper and brighter,” Fearnall reported to a private session of the Steering Committee, “whenever the vehicle is present.” Fearnall, emphasising the complexity of the physics, dismisses the view that R.I. Gaines is actually in the wall.)

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  1. martm

    The twin mirrors are an obvious re-run of Michelson-Morley, and we note both the LHC torus attached to the dash and the primitive electron gun right of shot. The cheese-grater attached to the LHC shaft is a sly – but tedious – homage to the Duchampian “bachelors,” while the red accusation on the far pillar is merely a Kabbalistic bluff to confuse the casual shopper. R.I. Gaines, if such an emergent quantity can be labelled at all, is the so-called “prank particle” of this configuration, and is clearly visible just behind the photo.