occupant of room 121

Few medical procedures are neccessary to maintain an occupancy once it is established. A bucket of disinfectant every two days, one or two injections of penicillin. The wiring, the other technical procedures, even the selection of the original subject all seem to have a preservative effect. What is meant by this ? Well, not simply that the more durable guests are chosen. In fact the reverse can be said: being chosen actually confers a quality of spiritual endurance the guest may not have possessed in ordinary life. Of course a certain physical toughness is also necessary, and guests can often surprise in that respect. Some won’t survive the first two or three days; those I always recognise, and dispose of quickly. But others seem so frail and last so long.

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8 responses to “occupant of room 121

  1. Brendan

    does access to the back bar come en suite?

  2. I’ve heard that room-service isn’t what it used to be.

  3. uzwi

    On the contrary, room service is exactly what it used to be. It is in Late Style. A wide-bore pipe now connects 121 to the back bar.

  4. is occupancy voluntary?

  5. uzwi

    Is any occupancy ever entirely voluntary? We can’t know the forces in the life of an individual guest.

  6. I would like to cancel my reservation. You can keep the deposit. I’m not going anywhere I might run into him

  7. uzwi

    He was a very nice young man until the Theory Cadre saw his potential..