cave & julia

That whole year, and to a lesser extent the year after, bodies were washed up all along that part of the coast, some whole, some in pieces … In the south of Autotelia, especially, it was a bad year for bodies; but the body of the vanished brother didn’t show up among them. Passive and silent, full of some incommunicable anger, the sister attempted suicide, spent time in institutions; then, her work suddenly becoming popular, left the country for a new life on our side of things.

FINAL Cave  Julia_Cover

Cave & Julia is a love story set between our world and Autotelia.

Available from the Kindle Store, 99p; or borrow it from the Kindle Library. Cave & Julia is also an audiobook from Audible. Leave your comments here, where comments aren’t time-limited, rather than beneath a blog post where they close after a few days. Or, of course, leave a review at Amazon.

14 responses to “cave & julia

  1. anzanhoshin

    My review at

    This short yet very full story brings with it many of the virtues of M John Harrison’s work: each word is the right word for it says, what it does, and what it does to say more than is said. Evocations are always at the edge of the periphery of vision as one reads and yet there is a specific vividness directly present as the sentences unspool. Categorizing this story as science fiction or fantastical mystery or imaginary memoir approaches and yet veers away from what it is: a pleasure.

  2. uzwi

    Thanks, anzanhoshin. Glad you got that pleasure from it. In answer to your queries on the other post: epub may come along in time. And, yes, a collection of short stories is on its way. Most of the contents are present, and it even has a title. The stories have appeared in various print venues over the last ten years or so–Conjunctions, Interzone, Time Out, the Independent & so on–but also on the web. “Cave & Julia” may feature. The other Autotelia story, “In Autotelia”, which appeared last year in the inaugural issue of Arc magazine, certainly will. (There’ll probably be a new short story in Arc some time later this year; & in August the redoubtable Nick Royle is doing a story called “Getting Out of There” in his Nightjar Press series.)

  3. anzanhoshin

    Thanks. I had been able to find The Course of the Heart in a new hardcover from Chapters/Indigo in Canada, so hopefully some cash from that will find its way to you. I’ve just bought Arc 1.1 from Kindle. Virconium, The Centauri Device, Things That Never Happen I’ve had to buy used so no joy there. All of this madcap spending started with the Kefahuchi Trilogy in epub from Kobo for me. And that from an excerpt I had encountered on a blog somewhere in my Reader feed. Just tell me how to give you more of my money as directly as is possible.

  4. uzwi

    That buying pattern’s above & beyond the call of duty–hope you enjoy. I think the next opportunity you might have to give me some money is with the new edition of Climbers, out from Gollancz in paper in May. Otherwise, watch out for Arc, & in the autumn, Nightjar Press.

  5. Matt

    Given that one can fly to Autotelia or take the train there, does it occupy an entirely different kind of space than Egnaro? Is it a case of Autotelia being overlaid whereas as Eganro is subsumed? Or is there not much profit in comparing the two?

  6. whiteonesugar

    I started reading C&J in an empty luxury hotel in England dedicated to the pursuit of a special kind of treacly stasis.

    The story made complete sense.

    I finished reading C&J at home with children, broken washing machine and decent food… I couldn’t retrieve the mood at all.

  7. uzwi

    Hi Matt. I think it occupies a different kind of space. Autotelia is easily available but uncanny (where exactly can it be, this whole “new continent”?); Egnaro is an implication in the text of things, a secret everyone knows but you, an emergent property of the world which never finally emerges. I’m interested already that both the geographical location and the method of reaching Autotelia are different in the two stories. It seems a lot easier to get to in the new one. There’s no gap, no jump, no topological lurch–you just buy a ticket on the Dreamliner…

    Hi whiteonesugar: code-switching problems. In a sense, what the story’s about, the shift from one context to another…

  8. Matt

    Intriguing indeed. The difference between availability and achievability…

  9. I must return to Arc 1.1 and re-read your Autotelia story there–it escapes me at the moment. I’ll keep this Kindle Single in mind too. (Am a few behind already, else I’d just buy it now.)

  10. Frank Huyler

    I’m new to your work but was fully swept up by this story, which in itself feels almost like an artifact–fragmentary yet enormously compelling. Anyway, a very striking, oddly beautiful thing. I’m looking forward to reading your books.

  11. uzwi

    That’s a real compliment, Frank. Many thanks.

  12. frank huyler

    you’re most welcome

  13. Any way for a Yank to get this? Publishing needs to get with the 21st century while it still can.

  14. Chris Lites

    I got it. Amazon US has it, though they didn’t bother linking me from UK. Your usual deftness with prose and the fragmentary existential incompleteness of modernity. I need to track down Arc 1.

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