by uzwi

Things I can remember storing: around 500 books; bookcase made of found wood; a broken dining chair only needs a little glue; two thin ethnic rugs, rolled & cat-haired; Indian folding inlaid table 1976, hinges gone; signed copies of books by people I had fallen out with; single-spaced typewritten drafts on pink, yellow & white paper in a size fractionally larger than foolscap, 1965-1987; a good pair of jumars no one would want any more; plugs & wires from lost electrical equipment; futon, black, used-looking; handwritten journals in four colours of ink, in system binders, 1980-1987; the view from 15 Rye Hill Park, Peckham, 1988; around 500 books; two framed originals by Ian Miller–study for the cover of Viriconium, Allen & Unwin 1988–Interzone illustration, “Anima”, about the same time; another picture. Some letters; Christmas cards & polaroid photographs in shoeboxes; postcards in shoeboxes; useful items found in a North London skip, 1967; box of clothes; bag of clothes; box of casettes w/out labels; maybe an old telephone answering machine with greasy tangled wires; a broken Olivetti M15 laptop with a tailpipe guarantee; Walkman, pink earbuds, still plays but I sat on it; aluminium saucepans, kitchen things; cat bed; address books; editions of my own books & stories, pages brown, paper smells of shit or almonds, 1971-1998; keys to a silver Citroen BX; everything in my life that made me feel nauseated at the time; everything I wanted to forget; a nice John Lewis table 1.5 metres on a side, two years old or less when I stored it.