nova nova

by uzwi

Nova Swing: advance copies of Bantam Spectra’s US mass market edition arrived this morning.

LP on living in the moddun world

I’ve been wondering how concerned I ought to be that I am the only one among my friends who doesn’t know what a wii is – at least until last Sunday. Does this matter? They all laughed at me. Don’t you read the papers? Not really. Don’t you watch the telly? Hardly. And do I care?

Me neither, except to have a smirk when people do those vestigial twitchy motions with the paddle-things, also their excited yet vague expressions which don’t seem to match the bodily activity & indicate that the rewards are inward. The only thing I can engage with to the point of an emotional response is that ad where you see a woman with a radiant smile as if she is having a religio-sexual experience, then the camera moves round to show that the back of her head has been scooped away & replaced by a computer game. That upsets me. I’d rather be shot repeatedly in the face than have that look.