can we please not have the global conversation any more, please

by uzwi

This is all so dreary. No one in the 50s quite understood what the term “global village” would actually mean. What it turns out to mean is that village concerns become globalised. Those of us who left Deep Warwickshire in utter fear & rage, in 196-whatever, looking for the many benefits of an alienated & intellectualised modernity–that is, a city in which no one knew your name or cared what you did, a place where plans for a different future could be hatched–never expected that 40 years later it would all have caught up with us again, via the flattered self & media feedback looping. But here you go: village psychodrama acted out in big. Parochialism in the UK, it’s coming some time maybe. The problem with people like Myerson is that they already think their family is the centre of the world. Why the fuck are we encouraging them ? Thank god for Barbaric Document’s steadily ironic view of the process.