being a ghost

by uzwi

It was very fine to be evicted from the David LaChapelle exhibition at the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, for carrying a bottle of mineral water; especially since the work concentrates itself around images of immersion. Water lay still in every image–shallow so far, and seeping only slowly, but imperiling and transfiguring everything. I sat outside in the sun, wondering what Delirium of Reason had led to my expulsion. But after a moment or two it began to seem apt. I began to feel as if I had learned a lesson (although that isn’t a gentle or subtle enough way of putting it) in a language I didn’t–but might soon–understand. This lesson had nothing to do with LaChapelle, or the Colegio, or mineral water, or any of that: it had something to do with how you are in the world. How you control, or don’t, its access to you. My suspicions were confirmed within half an hour, at the Museo de Arte Popular.