livelier than the average dragon

by uzwi

A few fatal omissions from the fantasy & sf lists. Doubtless there’ll be more.

The Manuscript Found in Saragossa, 1815, Jan Potocki
The Circus of Dr Lao, 1935, Charles G Finney
The Street of Crocodiles & The Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass, 1934, 1937, Bruno Schulz
A Matter of Life & Death, 1946, Powell & Pressburger
The World of Null-A, 1948, AE Van Vogt
The City & the Stars, 1956, AC Clarke
On the Beach, 1957, Nevil Shute
The Saragossa Manuscript, 1965, dir Has
Crow, 1970, Ted Hughes
The Year of the Quiet Sun, 1970, Wilson Tucker
Roadrunner, 1976, Jonathan Richman (produced by John Cale)
The Affirmation, 1981, Christopher Priest
Burning Chrome, 1986, William Gibson
Violent Cases, 1987, Gaiman & McKean
Heathern, 1990, Jack Womack
Norstrilia & The Rediscovery of Man, 1993, 1994, Cordwainer Smith
Only Forward, 1994, Michael Marshall Smith
Northern Lights, 1995, Philip Pullman
Who Will Love Me Now ?, 1996 [?], PJ Harvey
The Wolves in the Walls, 2003, Gaiman & McKean
Varjak Paw, 2003, SF Said
Mortal Love, 2004, Liz Hand
Primer, 2004, dir Carruth
The Broken World, 2008, Tim Etchells
The City & the City, 2009, China Mieville

Oh, & Oaxacan woodcarvings, livelier than the average fantasy by ten thousand watts of power–


–not to say simpler, more direct, more fun, & a lot more appealing in terms of their aesthetic.

Photo: Cath Phillips