strange bedfellows episode 2: c to d*

by uzwi

Stripping yourself of objects is the most fantastic relief. A visit to the recycling centre brings a sense of elation & power barely matched by sex, violence, or even revising a sentence. But why, in my case, is a decrease in the number of books always matched by an increase in the amount of outdoor clothing ? Ah, I see. OK. Anyway, more scandals from my downsized bookshelves–

Tim Cahill
Italo Calvino
Truman Capote
Angela Carter
Raymond Carver
Willa Cather
Bruce Chatwin
Anton Chekhov
Norman Cohn
Peter Coveney & Roger Highfield
Robertson Davies
WH Davies
Richard Dawkins
Lawrence Durrell

I don’t know who’s unluckiest, Angela Carter or WH Davies. (*& for episode 1, see here.)