shelf love, e to g

by uzwi

TS Eliot
Richard Ellman
Tim Etchells
AA Evans
Michel Faber
Theodora Fitzgibbon
Peter Fleming
Nick Flynn
Richard Ford
Thomas Frank
Jonathan Franzen
Jonathan Safran Foer
Alan Furst
Peter Gay
Gerard Genette
Ellen Gilchrist
James Gleick
William Golding
The Brothers Goncourt
Edward Gorey
Robert Graves
John Gray
Brian Greene
John Gribbin
Che Guevara
Pedro Juan Guitierrez

I take down one of these books, find a bookmark 32 years old, this torn browned bit of paper with “tabolites stored in fat” scribbled on it in a handwriting not mine, which I take to have read “metabolites”. After that, well, the voices start, “Buy the Pontiac”, “Avoid that shadow in the wall”, usual thing. So I douse the joint in gasoline & stand across the street drinking barrel proof bourbon & watching the flames etc etc. You try to break up with your library but it just follows you about whining til you hit it with a stick.