running makes me feel good but

by uzwi

this is just about enough to put you off for ever. Why can’t the media leave me to experience my own life ? Why can’t they just fuck off out of my head, & leave me my own reasons for doing what I do ? Why do they have to grasp everything in the cheap utilitarian rhetoric of advice ? What a patronising crock. Here at the Ambiente Hotel’s Lifestyle & Lower Bowel Clinic, our advice to the over 60s has always been: do drugs & unprotected sex with very much younger people, get your immune system down to 30% function, & race stolen cars on the public street. Or just sprawl across the sofa seeing how many times you can masturbate before 11 in the morning (don’t cheat on this by taking vitamin supplements). Binge drink. Self-harm. Don’t wash. & don’t, whatever you do, take up exercise.

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