a loving relationship

by uzwi

A loving relationship with Time for Tea Original, Millstone Edge, around 1989. I seem to have had a few more muscles then, also a nice line in little black sweaters.


This was supposed to be a photo session for the back jacket of Climbers. Andy Pollitt held the rope. Ron Fawcett took the pictures. I had a serious case of hero-worship related performance anxiety. “You can put more runners in than that,” Ron said, genuinely worried I would fall off a route he could do in a coma. Andy insisted on seconding it formally, although in the normal run of things he probably downsolo’d it with his eyes bandaged & one foot tied to a railway sleeper. Fashion data: the scrunchie was bright red, the Ron Hills light grey with a black stripe. The Boreals were an early attempt to make an actual climbing shoe, rather than just wrap the stickiest rubber in the world around a suede carpet slipper.

Photo: Ron Fawcett