my 3-d constitutional

by uzwi

A hot sunny afternoon. Polished trade routes at the very bottom end of the grades, perfect for absolute beginners & old men who have made it back to being beginners again. If you squeeze through that flake crack up on the right, you come out in a dry vegetated corner of reality a million miles from your life. No one wants it. An insect trundles through a soft dusty ray of light. Why are you here ? Why be anywhere else ? Children’s voices filter down from an instructional group on the upper tier. They’re abbing! In helmets! (They’re really quite excited by that.)


If I had grandchildren the right age I’d bring them here on a day like this, to show them what it was all about: a walk in the air in the sunshine. The thing is just to be there, I’d explain. Whatever else happens, whatever else you do with it, that should be your base level: you never need do any more. I expect they’d laugh but I don’t think I’d care.

picture copyright C Phillips 2009