more on the Theory Cadre

by uzwi

B writes, of my recent post the Theory Cadre in Snowdonia, “Mike, although a picture is mentioned, there’s no picture here.”

Yes, B, there is a picture. But the Theory Cadre, unwilling to give away anything of itself even in such a deliberately revelatory document, has encoded it as text. Another way to look at this is that while the image exists, but is not present, “AE Fenell” does not, & yet is.

Another correspondent asks the more difficult question, “Mr Harrison, is there a Theory Cadre at all ?”

Evidence suggests that any answer to such a question must be arrived at obliquely. Perhaps the shortest answer would be to say that while there may be a Theory Cadre, there is certainly an AE Fennel.

Ellis van Fenel

In 1979 someone calling herself “Alicia Feignall” addressed the guests at the Ambiente Hotel from this location in the old kitchen garden.